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Samsung 8x / 12x driver zip file for DOS and Win31
BTC cdrom 16x driver for DOS and Win31

Other CD-ROM drives

24 Speed Drivers

[ Tatung 24X driver ]   [ Delta 24X driver ]  [ Smart 100x 24X driver ]


32 Speed Drivers

[ Rodeo 32X driver ]  [ Cyber Drive 32X driver ]


36 Speed Drivers

  [ UCD 36X driver ]



Miscellaneous & older CD-ROM Drivers




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Misc. Utils

Iomega Zip Drive:

ZIP Tools for the IDE Iomega Zip Drive (Windows 95 version)
ZIP Tools for the IDE Iomega Zip Drive (DOS version)

Device driver for the IDE Iomega Zip Drive


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Current 33.6 voice driver that wasn't being shipped with modem
Sportser x2 .inf file
Sporster x2 voice .inf file


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Pentium AGP + Sound + 1MB Cache BIOS Flash Upgrade (allows K6 2-266 3D, CPU to be run on the AGP board)

440LX Pentium II ATX Motherboard drivers


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Network Card

Intel 10/100 netcard drivers
3com 10/100 netcard drivers


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Sound Card

Sound Blaster 16/32/AWE32/AWE64


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Video Card

Diamond Viper 330
Diamond FireGL 1000 PRO
Diamond Stealth 3D
Matrox Millennium, Millennium II, Mystique and Matrox AGP G200 drivers


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